CaRR 2014

CaRR 2014 was held in conjunction to ECIR 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

cropped-webbanner2.png We are pleased to announce that the fourth workshop in the CaRR series will be held in conjuntion with the 2014 European Conference on Information Retrieval in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The workshop will follow the footsteps of the previous CaRR workshops and center around the broad concept of context in information retrieval and recommender systems.

Contents and Main Goals

Context-aware information is widely available in various ways and is becoming more and more important for enhancing retrieval performance and recommendation results. The current main issue to cope with is not only recommending or retrieving the most relevant items and content, but defining them ad hoc. Further relevant issues are personalizing and adapting the information and the way it is displayed to the user’s current situation and interests. Ubiquitous computing further provides new means for capturing user feedback on items and providing information.

The aim of the 4th Workshop on Context-awareness in Retrieval and Recommendation is to invite the community to discuss new creative ways to handle context-awareness. Furthermore, the workshop aims on exchanging new ideas between different communities involved in research, such as HCI, machine learning, information retrieval and recommendation.

Questions and Topics

The workshop is especially intended for researchers working on multidisciplinary tasks who want to discuss problems and synergies. We are interested in ideas about creative and collaborative approaches for context-aware retrieval and recommendation. The participants are encouraged to address the following questions:

  • What is context?
  • Is context-awareness in information retrieval and recommendation necessary?
  • Which benefits come from context-aware retrieval and recommendation systems?
  • How do user interfaces handle context?
  • In what ways can context improve HCI?
  • How can we combine general- and user-centric contextaware technologies?
  • How should context affect the way information is presented?
  • What new type of items (beyond books, news and movies) are worth recommending by means of context-aware systems (e.g. places, friends, apps)?

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following aspects:

  • Context-aware information retrieval
  • Context-aware profiling, clustering and collaborative filtering
  • Machine learning for context-aware information retrieval and ontology learning
  • Ubiquitous and context-aware computing
  • Use of context-aware technologies in UI/HCI
  • Context-aware advertising
  • Recommendations for mobile users
  • Context-awareness in portable devices

See the Call for Papers for more information.