Program CaRR 2011

Session 1 (9:00-10:30)

9:00 – 9:15

Context-awareness in Retrieval and Recommendation
Ernesto William De Luca; Alan Said; Matthias Böhmer; Florian Michahelles [ppt]

9:15 – 9:45

Towards a Context-Sensitive Online Newspaper
Jeremy Jancsary; Friedrich Neubarth; Stephanie Schreitter; Harald Trost [pdf]

9:45- 10:00 (short)

Implicit Acquisition of Context for Personalization of Information Retrieval Systems
Chang Liu; Nicholas J. Belkin [ppt]

10:00- 10:30

Guidance and Support for Healthy Food Preparation in an Augmented Kitchen
Jurgen Wagner; Gijs Geleijnse; Aart van Halteren [pdf]

Break (10:30-11:00)

Session 2 (11:00-13:00)


Innovative Retail Laboratory: Assistive Technology in Retail Environments.
Antonio Krüger (Invited Keynote)


Real-time, Location-aware Collaborative Filtering of Web Content
Thomas Sandholm; Hang Ung [pdf]


– RecLab: A System For eCommerce Recommender Research with Real Data, Context and Feedback

Darren Vengroff [pptx]

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Session 3 (14:00-15:30)

14:00-14:15 (short)

Cross-lingual Recommender System for Research Papers
Kiyoko Uchiyama; Akiko Aizawa; Hidetsugu Nanba; Takeshi Sagara

14:15-14:30 (short)

Utilizing Implicit Feedback and Context to Recommend Mobile Applications from First Use
Christoffer Davidsson; Simon Moritz [pdf]


Context-Aware POI Recommendations in an Automotive Scenario using Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods
Roland Bader; Eugen Neufeld; Wolfgang Woerndl; Vivian Prinz [pdf]


Designing Activity-aware Recommender Systems for Operating Rooms

Afsaneh Doryab; Jakob E. Bardram

15:30-16:00 Break

Session 4 (16:00-17:30)


Open Discussion trying to focus on the following problems and questions:

* What is context?

* Is context-awareness in retrieval and recommendation necessary?

* Which benefits come from context-aware retrieval and recommendation systems?

* How do user interfaces handle context?

* In what ways can context improve HCI?

* How can we combine general- and user-centric context-aware technologies?

* How should context affect the way information is presented?